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Modern Love Essentials is an all-natural, luxurious intimate body cream. At Modern Love Essentials we believe that sex can only get better and should be a pleasurable, stress-free experience. 




From Fifty Shades to the proliferation of dating apps, sex is on everyone’s mind.  Either you’re looking for it or you have it. And if you're having sex, why not make it better? Why not make it even more fun? Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or somewhere in between Modern love is all about empowering yourself, loving your body and owning the bedroom, the kitchen, the dining room table…


Love is pleasure. Love your body. Love yourself. Share the love. Explore. Experiment. Be creative. Play. Give and receive love. Use Modern Love all over your body, your partner's favorite spots, and wherever love takes you. Sex should never be boring. Reinvent the way you love.



Modern Love Essentials is about freedom. The freedom to remove your inhibitions because you know it’s cruelty free, smells good and feels incredible. With all natural ingredients, Modern Love will be sure to arouse your senses. We use only organic essential oils to give Modern Love fragrance and depth. There’s no hesitation or concern about chemicals on the body or negative effects on the environment. Use a lot. Use it often. Rub it in. Rub it everywhere.